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Mazda Continues To Impress...

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  • Mazda Continues To Impress...

    Mazda will provide engines for Saulnier Racing in 2009 which will run the Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Also Dyson Racing is now running Mazda's in 2009. All you Mazdaspeed members I am sure got the e-mail Mazda saying they have no plans to quit racing or quit supporting us club racers.

    ALSO RML will use Mazda power next year, and possibly Kruse-Schiller Motorsport with the Lola closed cockpit car.

    They will be running the Mazda MZR-R engine developed by AER.

    Looks like Mazda might be taking advantage of this crisis to get back up there eh? lol

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    That puppy looks damn good. Nice to hear that Mazda's staying in when even Subaru is bailing.
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      And Audi, and Porsche, and Suzuki, and Honda, etc