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    So what type of car do you enjoy driving fast? Two seater convertables like a Miata, big four door touring car style, FWD hot hatches? Discuss.

    I'm still thinking lol.

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    Sport coupes ('Vette, Ferrari, Lotus, Lambo, etc.).

    Originally posted by miata5620
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      I want to ride in my friends dad's 8 second camaro :D Personally, The sentra is pretty fun at high speeds, but my stock miata doesnt really reach
      Kinda inherited the car from my Grandfather. Its a love hate relationship. lol


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        Playing in traffic I perfer a slower car or bike cause you can open them out without going as fast. In general I prefer smaller lighter car or bike to drive.
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          To go out and cruise in, I'd love to have an MGB or TR-4 on one side of the garage, and a dropped, blacked out big block Nova for scaring ricers at night.


          For now, the Miata satisfies all aspects of the fun factor. :biggrin:


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            I enjoy all sorts of cars to drive, it just depends on my mood.


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              something that feels stable.

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                small sports coupes

                Porsche, Elise/Exige, etc
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                  an oldsmobile silhouette
                  2013 Whitout FR-S
                  1988 LS1 rx7 convertible


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                    miatas, e30s, early rx-7s and the like are my favorites. also among the list are b13 SE-Rs, v6 mx-3s, and 1st gen crx's.

                    i predict within the next year and a half i will own an e36 m3 though.
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                      Well.........I have front engine rear wheel drive (Miata), front engine front wheel drive (Mini), and mid engine rear wheel drive (X1/9), and there is a place for each. I still go back to the Miata for the most fun, but way back I had a first generation GTI that I really enjoyed, it was light and nimble and very tossable. I like light cars that I can throw into corners. The bugeye Sprite was like that. I miss that car, but they are not cheap anymore. The mid engine car is great fun, like a gokart, but if you lose it is gone.


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                        I ran into a guy at Pep Boys recently with a nicely modded X1/9. I've always thought they could have been awesome cars if Fiat had put a little more guts into them. Have you done anything with yours?
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                          I like all cars really. First and foremost, pretty much anything with two doors trumps four. But I do have a soft spot for big fast cars like the Alpina B7, 750i, CL550, E55, M5, Cayenne Turbo's. All those kind of things.


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                            If it were a fantasy car? A coupe the size of an NB Miata, with the engine and transmission out of an AP1 S2000. Small, light, RWD, high-revving and immensely flickable. I find that I enjoy cars without a lot of headroom if I'm going to be driving fast, but really I'll flog anything to death if given the chance. There are a few cars in my past and around the dealership that have been given the Kevin Experience. I scared the **** out of the Southeastern Area Manager once, that was fun. He didn't know a Saturn Sky could do the things I was making it do.

                            The funny story about that... We had just gotten word that production for the Sky was a go, and the SE area fellow was running around in one of the first production models, going from store to store so everyone could see it, drive it, and get pumped up about it. I was fifteenth in line at our dealership, and as the fourteenth driver pulled back into the lot I hopped in and went on my Test Track. It involves straights and hairpin curves and is very demanding, but I used to be able to bomb through in my old Ion at a high rate of speed. We got into the Sky, top down, and we started out. I flung the car around, pushing it to what felt comfortable. We went through my final test, the S. Cobb Dr. off-ramp onto 41, a nice tight right-hander. I go through at 55 or so, posted 25. We get back to the dealership, I hop out, and I think nothing of it. That poor car ended up being totaled at the next dealership by a sales manager while merging onto the highway.

                            Well, come to find out a month later, all the managers go to a big "future of the brand" meeting in Texas, and our SE area manager gets up and goes through his bit, then he gets to the Sky. He mentions that it was totaled at Saturn of so and so, but that wasn't scary. What was scary, he said, was one crazy son of a ***** named Kevin Griffis from Saturn of Marietta. "He scared the **** out of me." So of course when our management team got back, I was a hero and got the Speed Racer nickname.
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