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Rebuilt title inspections

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  • Rebuilt title inspections

    I've had this done before, but that car was stock at the time. While prepping my rx8 I've already pulled the air pump and an about to swap in a catless midpipe, since Hall county does not require emissions testing. This will certainly cause a cel (that I can reset if necessary). Does anyone know what the inspections consist of? Front bumper may also need a screw to stay put but I can't imagine that will be an issue. Since this car has already been retitled as rebuilt I wasn't expecting the inspection would be needed but apparently if it hasn't been registered in the state then it's necessary.

    I feel like it's more of a money thing than anything else but would like to be prepared.
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    Miatastuff (David) does this frequently so he would be the one to reach out to.
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