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Offtopic: 2.4L Jetski

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  • Offtopic: 2.4L Jetski

    for Alex.

    A few years back I purchased a used Polaris jetski (and then a second one). Polaris exited the PWC market in 2004 so I have been following rumors of their reentry.

    When they decided to quit making them the EPA had recently implemented new emission rules for PWCs which made 2 strokes obsolete (although the real reason Polaris quit making PWCs was because Yamaha threatened to sue them to death over IP licensing). The trend at the time was small 1L 4 strokes with turbos to get 150ish hp. The displacement has crept up over the years to now 1.8L @ about 300 hp is expected.

    Polaris already uses the GM 2.4 in the Slingshot so already in their supplychain.

    Miata content: a compact 300 hp jetski engine in a Miata would rock!
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    If they are indeed using the LE9 then that's just the e85 version of the LE5. Personally I'd still choose the cheaper and more readily available LE5 as it is more likely to get one with forged internals. They'll run to way beyond what any Miata trans and diff will hold on pump gas.

    I chose the LEA which is the direct injected version of the LE9 with a slight bump in compression due to it's ability to make more NA horsepower. They use the GM powdered metal rods which limits the boost holding capability. Although they are supposedly good to the 300ish.

    I have no desire to have more than the 230-240 the LEA will produce in a miata, nor do I want to fool with a finicky boosted car, so it was a perfect choice for me.

    For anyone considering the swap go LE5 if you want boost, LEA if you want NA power. The cost difference comes down to the wiring complications as my prefab harness for the LEA was about 700 bucks more than the prefab for the LE5.

    And yes for those that are interested, the GM ECU can be tuned to run boost in the LE5, Alpha Fab Industries sells a 425HP plug and play kit.

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