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    Currently in the market for a new trailer and wanting to field recommendations from those of you whom may have them as I am wanting to hopefully limit the trailer purchase to one instead of the other...

    Parts business has been growing and I've found myself time and time again getting to the point of needing the additional space on trips (For those that follow me on FB you know this is getting to be a near weekly occurrence)...

    Where I'm at now is that we bought a Sequoia last year to gain the additional tow capacity (10K lb) and still keep the family comfortable and additional cargo space while going on trips to pick cars up on the East Coast. I love the fact that we have plenty of space for 4 adults and still able to pick up large items (Hardtops/Motors/Body Panels) and place them in the SUV with us while having a car on the Penske/UHaul Trailer I have currently but it still just is not enough space as I just have been picking up to much. We also have a 3rd kid due in November which will completely rule out using the majority of the interior 3rd row in the Sequoia and there aren't any options other options for a large SUV that will give inside storage other then getting a passenger/transit van which I don't think wife really wants to daily around...

    Looking at 3 different options and wondering if anyone has much experience with any and if there are any pro's and con's I may be missing from them...

    1. 24 Ft. Enclosed Trailer
    2. 24 Ft. Open Trailer
    3. 34 Ft. Double Car Hauler

    Enclosed Trailer
    Good Things: Vertical Space, WeatherProof, Work Area In the Front, Single Car, Lot of Parts, Secure, Maneuverable
    Bad Things: Cannot drag cars into it, Feels like a sail in the wind, Can't use for much yard stuff (mulch/rock/sod)

    Open Trailer
    Good Things: Lightweight, Oversize Front for Storage (Box Maybe???), Can Drag Cars On, Maneuverable, Multi-Use
    Bad Things: Items in the Open, Minimal Storage

    Dual Car Trailer
    Good Things: Room for 2 Cars, Can Drag Cars on, Multi-Use, Open Trailer (Wind Resistance)
    Bad: Maneuverability, Huge, Did I mention Huge, Probably far to large

    I'm really leaning on the open right now, however really do like the idea of being able to save trips with the double as there have been so many times that having to go back adds an extra full day or 2 to picking cars and items up. The Enclosed I have used quite a few times this year from a buddy and being able to lock everything up and use the vertical space has been one of the best things I've liked about it however the driving with one is absolutely terrible due to the wind resistance they have. I'm thinking that the open would allow enough space to install a cargo hold on the front if needed on certain trips.

    Advise from anyone whom tows a lot or has been in the same situation debating back and forth on which trailer is the best route to take is greatly appreciated!!!

    Budget would like to stay sub $5K

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    An enclosed trailer will protect your haul from prying eyes and keep it out of the rain. You certainly can drag stuff up on it. Have seen plenty and used one with a winch built into the front.

    I think even with the tow capacity you have, the enclosed trailer is definitely going to be felt.

    I know you love that Sequoia, but have you run a cost analysis of a diesel Excursion as your tow pig for all your needs? It would take a lot of wear and tear off the Sequoia and *might* be easier for you write off expenses as a business vehicle.

    I towed a 28(?)' enclosed over the Grapevine in CA, which is a looooooong incline on I5 north of LA. Without a Diesel that would have been more nerve-wracking than it was.


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      20-24 foot enclosed, electric brakes on both axles, class IV hitch with sway control and load level bars and an anti sway device. Add a 10,000lb winch, and some "E" track and you'll be able to handle anything and everything you can fit in the trailer.

      Bill S.
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        That truck doesn't make that much power, is relatively light, and has a relatively short wheel base. You're going to be very unhappy on long hauls, and you'll probably end up melting the truck down. Weight rating is only part of the story; there is probably also a frontal area vs weight rating. Pulling a 10k open is different than pulling a 10k enclosed, and I'd bet that a Sequoia is not rated for a 10k box. In fact, I'd be pretty surprised if a half ton were rated for 10k bumper pull of any type...

        A quick google search shows an 07 (unsure what year you have, I just took a stab) is rated for 12k GCWR and 5.2k curb weight, which means that you have only 6.8k lbs total for all passengers, equipment, and trailer to be at your full 100% GCWR, which is dangerous, especially over long hauls.

        Running beyond GCWR can get you in big time trouble if anything were to happen, like an accident.

        Same site shows towing capacity is limited to 6500 or 6200, 2wd vs 4wd respectively.

        Recommend an 18-ish foot open until you can get a dedicated truck, preferably a DRW if you're really looking at a double car trailer. Good news is that you can get a nice, new 18' for $2k, leaving you $3k of your budget in reserve to put towards your next truck. Double good news is that a new trailer hardly depreciates, so if you decide to move up on truck and trailer later, you'll get most of your $2k back.

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          Went ahead and picked up a Brand New
          Dual Axle, Electric Brakes...all steel, dovetail, 20ft trailer...gonna keep an eye out for a good 20ft enclosed still as a 3rd trailer still as I'd really like to have one also...

          Ended up right over $2K...right time, right place where a local car guy had a buddy just get in a trailer shipment and able to snag a presale!!!