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  • Post your previous cars...

    Every forum I have visited in the past has one of these threads so why not add one on here as well.

    Post your very first car to what you currently enjoy driving today!

    I'll start it off.....

    - '01 VW GTi GLX (Cosmic Green). Unfortunately I do not have a picture with me at the moment.

    - '78 Nissan 280ZX (Project Car). No pictures of this either.

    - '91 Nissan 240SX (Project Drift Car). I'll have to get pictures off a cd once I get home on Friday.

    - '92 Acura Integra GSR in Aztec Green Pearl. This was the first year of vtec in America with the B17A motor.

    - '81 BMW 320i in monkey **** brown. It had the more rare 5-spd tranny as well.

    - '93 Toyota MR2 Turbo. This is still one of my favorite cars I've own to this day. I knew i would regret selling this the night I handed over the keys to the new owner.

    - '06 Honda S2K. This was the third Laguna Blue Pearl in the state of GA when I bought it.

    - '97 BMW M3 in Dakar II Yellow.

    - '97 BMW M3 in Cosmos Black.

    - '04 Honda S2K in Suzuka Blue.

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    RE: Post your previous cars...

    In order from most recent, sorry no pics....

    Current - 97 miata duh, 93 accord, 04 prius.


    '06 Scion xb. total POS bought new, traded on current OTM '93 honda accord
    '84 faded red Ford Ranger - this was one of my favorites. 2.8 V6, automatic, 200k miles and ran perfect. bought for $500. My wife left the key in it and let a crackhead steal it, miss that truck. If you hit the brakes hard it would spin, but you could wrap the speedometer all the way around on the freeway. boatloads of fun.
    '03 Sonic blue Ranger - bought it new, totaled it 3 years ago, got more than I paid for it. Still miss it.
    '92 Red Saturn SC 2 - awesome car, ODO stopped turning at 178k, A-hole in a F150 hit me and squashed it, totaled
    '85 Copper (aka doodoo) brown chevy cavalier sedan, the POS that would not die

    wanting a corvette now...
    The only thing that oughta be hella flushed is a toilet.


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      RE: Post your previous cars...

      I only have pictures on old school film, you know that stuff that they had to print out. lol
      Anyway, I began my driving career in a 1987 Buick Park Avenue. lol But the damn thing was comfy as hell, had good power, front and rear plush leather bench seats, touchpad climate and radio controls, fully loaded.
      From there I bought my dad's '86 RX-7 GX-L, and the rotary craze was on! The steering column locked up on me on the way home from a road trip, I was literally 30 seconds from my driveway, and I nailed a fire hydrant dead center. (Steve and LB, the hydrant on Ridley Rd around the first sharp curve just after you come off 29, you know the one. lol)
      Then I got my '91 convertible RX-7, wanted more power, so got a TurboII front clip and swapped the engine into it, upgraded the turbo, and got a PowerFC for tuning.
      Sold it for my '94 RX-7 R2. Had it pretty much built the way I wanted it and loved having a reliable 475wp RX-7.
      Then my parents forced me to sell my pride and joy since I was moving to Tulsa, OK to go to flight school and made me get something new and under warranty. I ended up with a 2002 Saturn SL Sedan. From 475whp to 86whp. That didn't last long. I finally built that car up and got 250whp out of it with a GT2560R. About a week or so after completing the build, someone smashed into me while I was sitting in traffic and sandwiched my car with the car in front of me.
      And now I have a boosted Miata that's currently on jack-stands. :)

      Originally posted by miata5620
      Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...


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        RE: Post your previous cars...

        Hmm, I doubt I can remember them all. I'll hit some highlites

        10-12 miatas, to include the current turbo car, a 20K mile 90 I had last year, a 96M I sold with 20K a couple years ago, some parts cars, hell I dunno...
        4-5 different Benz products, mostly E class
        94 RX7 with touring package
        2 Eddie Bauer Explorers
        70 Olds 98 LS Holiday Sedan
        71 Cutlass S convertible
        6 different bikes, mostly Honda, 1 GSXR750

        I used to buy/swap several cars around every year. Not so much lately though.

        | 10AE-T | BEGi S4 | GT2560r | Enthuza | 6UL | MS3Pro PNP|
        | 2001 Track Rat | Enthuza | Jenvey | MS3Pro PNP | Exocet in Progress|
        | 1992 323 | Wrong-wheel-drive Miata Endurance Racecar|


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          RE: Post your previous cars...

          Originally posted by RotorNutFD3S
          (Steve and LB, the hydrant on Ridley Rd around the first sharp curve just after you come off 29, you know the one. lol)
          Oh! Yeah, I know exactly where that is! Not good!

          As for me,
          I'm only 19 so it's not that many!

          I bought my first car when I was 18 on July 27th, 2007.
          A 2003 Sunlight Silver Miata with 39,251 on the clock, cloth interior and the Convenience Package.

          Sold that to a lady a couple miles north of me and bought my MSM from a guy a couple miles east of me!

          Got it on July 12th, 2008. A little less than a year after the silver car.
          2005 Lava Orange Mazdaspeed Miata Grand Touring
          Number 474 of 1428.
          Bought it with 24k on it. Fully loaded with every upgrade, leather, Bose speakers etc. Many more creature comforts than the silver car.
          2012 Acura TSX Sportwagon
          2001 NB track car that never gets driven


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            RE: Post your previous cars...

            I move on to a new ride every year or two. Here's the list:

            1979 Honda Civic CVCC Wagon
            1981 Plymouth Reliant K
            1989 Pugeot 505 Wagon
            1996 Saturn SL2
            1987 BMW 325is
            1988 BMW 325is
            1987 BMW 325is
            2001 VW Jetta GLS TDi
            1994 Mazda Miata
            2001 BMW 530i
            1999 Mazda Miata turbo
            1999 BMW M3 Coupe

            On the current wish list:
            FD RX-7
            E46 M3

            Some Pix:

            '99 Miata w/ AVO Turbo, '99 BMW M3


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              RE: Post your previous cars...

              First car was a hand-me-down 1990 Mazda B2200 ext. cab truck. I lowered it, had it repainted, bought new bumpers and threw some 12's in it and drove it around. Loved that little took a absolute beating, looked brand new and never skipped a beat.

              Next was my 1991 RX-7 GT-U, which i bought from my highschool german teacher in 2000. I just threw some springs on it, sway bars, a straight exhaust (threw 3ft flames between shifts) and painted it pearl white...and got some TII seats. I also restored the interior of all it's missing/broken parts. I also had some VOLK GT-N's, but they got stolen when i dropped the car off for paint.

              Next came my 96 that later because the infamous white Miata drift car all over youtube and Atlanta. That car saw a lot of changes from it's purchace to it's death. I'll post a couple pics, but to see it from start to finish, my cardomain is REALLY worth checking out.

              Then I had 2 Corolla GT-S. It was a 87' GTS coupe lightweight (SR5 interior, no sunroof) it had 420xxx miles and LSD. I bought it for $1000 just to drive around while my 96 Miata was getting a fresh motor. It was all original, rust and accident free. Sometimes I wish i would have kept it and just used it for a DD.

              And the 85 I bought off eBay for $300 and sold a week later for $1000 lol

              After my 96 died, i bought a 99 off eBay. It had a good number of parts and made a good base to start with.

              With Jenn's MINI

              And we've all seen my current car. Sorry if it's long, i wanted to share a few pics of each car :) I like to remember them sometimes too...


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                RE: Post your previous cars...

                Ahahaha...I dont know if there's enough bandwidth on this forum to list the cars I have owned. :lol:
                Even the Miata list would take a page and I cant remember them all.

                Lets start with the first...
                1969 Dodge Dart 2dr hdtp 273 ci v8

                A few other misc in random order...

                1972 MGB
                1956 Thunderbird
                1962 Thunderbird conv
                1970 Chevelle SS
                1956 Chevy Belair conv
                1972 Plymouth Duster
                1967 Plymouth Fury Conv
                1968 Coronet RT
                1968 Dodge Charger(s)
                1969 Charger(s)
                1970 Charger RT-SE
                1970 Roadrunner
                1969 Coronet 500
                1980 Plymouth Volare
                1986 Dodge Dakota Indy 500 Pace truck
                1978 Toyota Corona wagon
                A ****load of full size Chevy and Dodge pickups, one with an 8ft snow plow :lol:
                1985 & 1986 Toyota SR5 4x4
                1986 Corvette

                and on...and on...and on...


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                  RE: Post your previous cars...

                  Originally posted by metalman
                  Ahahaha...I dont know if there's enough bandwidth on this forum to list the cars I have owned. :lol:
                  would it look something like.........


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                    RE: Post your previous cars...

                    This was my first love, a 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS with about 50k on the clock when I got it.

                    A brisk winter's day in its stock (to me) form

                    I then spent money modding it to perfection, got to autox it once.

                    And then I thought I would buy some cheap lightweight autox rims

                    Bad tyres, cold morning, and lack of concentration led to this

                    The tree was fine. So she got totaled for $600 less than we paid for her 2 years previously.

                    And now I'm with my second lover

                    stock and waiting for the mountain run:



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                      RE: Post your previous cars...

                      1973 Chevy Nova

                      1990 Volvo 740 Turbo

                      1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R

                      1986 BMW 325

                      1990 Miata

                      1991 Miata parts/half-assed engine swap car.

                      1996 Mustang GT

                      1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe

                      1997 Ranger (current)


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                        RE: Post your previous cars...

                        A nova is such a badass learner car, in England people learn on tiny 1 litre engines.


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                          RE: Post your previous cars...

                          5.7 liters of pushrod, carbureted, gas guzzling fury.


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                            RE: Post your previous cars...

                            mine is pretty uneventfull

                            started off in a 88 Pontiac Bonneville LE, midnight blue with a blue interior and a bench seat, perfect starter car, hauled all my friends around during high school.

                            well got rid of that and bought a 98 Chevy S-10 new, and it remained stock until i got a bit of a minitruck bug and started to mod it.
                            4 inch drop all around and some colorado custom wheels

                            then the autox bug bit me and stayed with me so it started to be modded back that way, so over a few years i got it to this before i realized itd never be what i wanted so it got parted and eventually i got the miata

                            and now the miata, which has remained stock cept for an extra set of the stock wheels i use for autox and fun


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                              RE: Post your previous cars...

                              2003 Saturn Ion 1
                              Modded to hell and back, made as much torque at the wheels as she was rated for at the crank. Intake, throttle body, header, high-flow cat, catback exhaust, Eibach lowering springs, 16" alloys off an Ion 3, Fidanza 7 lb. flywheel, Spec clutch, strut tower brace, swaybars, heavy duty end links, and a full Recaro interior shamelessly taken from a trashed Ion Redline. Damn interior was worth a third of what I got for the car when I traded it in on the Mazda. Note to self: Buy a great car stock and leave it freaking stock!

                              On a positive note, the first Ion on to receive the full bolt-on treatment, the first to be dyno-tested with results posted, the first Ion to be drag raced with results posted, the first to receive an upgraded clutch and flywheel (one dude had just the flywheel), the first to.... you get the idea. For a short time, it was possibly the fastest and strongest n/a Ion in the US. Not like that's saying much, but I loved the car and wish I had kept it.
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