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RIM vs Windows Mobile

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  • RIM vs Windows Mobile

    so i'm about to swap from Verizon to ATT, I currently have a blackberry curve, but the ATT version of the curve doesn't have as many features. im considering the blackberry bold or the pantech matrix pro
    this is pantech

    it runs on windows mobile 6.1...does anyone have any experience with windows mobile? tell me your thoughts on it.
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    Why not just get an iPhone?

    Personally, I wish that Verizon had the Bold, because I'd definitely prefer it over the Storm that I have now.
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      I had a treo 750 with win mob and abhorred it. UI sucked and the phone locked up beyond a reset at least once a week (required a battery pull). Absolutely no hacks on it either. Wife has a pearl and IMO it's far superior in just about every way (though not an iphone). I think as far as phones go, purpose built interfaces are for the win.
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        everyone I know with a windows mobile phone hates it due to glitches and lock ups. my last 3 or 4 phones have been palm based and haven been overwhelmingly good.

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          i like t-mobile's version of the curve
          3.2megapixel with video capture + looks good
          unfortunately id have to pay about $400+ for an unlocked one
          when i get the bold for $250 w/ 2 year
          thanks for the input guys.
          looks like bold it is

          scotty- i don't like touchscreen thus no iphone
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          Trust education is far surpass other people


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            I didn't like the touchscreen either but in truth it's probably better anyway. I really didn't want to like the iPhone but I've ended up loving it. Defintely the best choice if it's an option, otherwise a bold is a slick choice.


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              Awww, I was hoping to see a windows mobile phone being crushed by a wheel :(
              ITBs RULE!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!
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