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Bullrun Season 2

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  • Bullrun Season 2

    I just finished watching the debut episode, and its pretty sick. i think im gonna continue following the rally race. the line up off cars is pretty sickk. and so are some of the drivers.

    heres the link to the site, and info on the show, and whos knocked out so far.
    Motorsports coverage includes news, highlights, rankings and more spanning NASCAR, Formula 1, NHRA, ARCA, MotoGP, IndyCar and more auto racing circuits.

    the teams are;

    Team VW
    Car- Resto '67 VW bus.

    Team Porsche
    Car- 02 Porsche 911 Carrera

    Team Lexus (two babes in a nice lex, yes please!)
    Car- 08 IS250

    Team Dodge Dart
    Car- 1970 Dodge Dart

    Team Camaro
    Car- 1969 Camaro

    Team Pantera
    Car- 1971 Detomaso Pantera

    Team Ferrari
    Car- 03 360 Spider

    Team Avalanche
    Car- (truck) 07 Chevy Avalanche

    Team Corvette
    Car- 01 Vette

    Team Shelby
    Car- 07 Shelby Supersnake

    Team Solstice
    Car- 06 Pontiac Solstice

    Team Evo
    Car- 06 Mitsubishi Evo

    Eliminated this week-
    Team Porsche
    They didnt finish the challenge
    Reason- "clutch problems" aka driver sucks with german cars and kept throwing it in reverse....

    Team Pantera
    last place in challenge
    Reason- its a 1971... and it fell apart, and drivers was not fast enough.

    Well i think this is gonna be interesting, so ill try to keep this updated so feel free to watch the show and conversate on it here!
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    "keep drifting fun......or else..." --Andy Sapp

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    The supersnake is sooo sexy
    Kinda inherited the car from my Grandfather. Its a love hate relationship. lol


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      It is, but I'm in favor of the 71 pantera it's so sick
      "keep drifting fun......or else..." --Andy Sapp


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        hey deerok how you been? as for the show, yes i will watch it but was hoping the 911 would stick around a little longer
        painting roll bars gold since 2008


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          Hey Paul, I been good, did a few things to the miata ;) how about yourself?

          Yeah I was hoping it would too, but the drivers were terrible LOL
          "keep drifting fun......or else..." --Andy Sapp


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            Bet the VW bus rapes em all.
            '95 w/ now finished '99 swap, kyb agx's, flyin miata springs, sway bars, roll bar and more to come...sigpic


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              I'm sure that's what's going to win the show
              "keep drifting fun......or else..." --Andy Sapp


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                hail yaya boi thats the only way! btw i updated the who went home part
                "keep drifting fun......or else..." --Andy Sapp