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  • jury duty

    well i have to report tomorrow, they say its a God awful waste of time, like you sit there all through selections for a day or so? anyone else ever had it?
    Originally posted by VERY FLUSH
    Trust education is far surpass other people

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    i actually want to go to jury duty wtf?


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      Yes. It's boring as hell but sometimes you get an interesting case. Just take something to read and relax. It's a small service we all have to do for our judicial process.
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        You're supposed to call the evening prior to your serve date and make sure you're within the juror number range they've selected. I've been called six times, only had to show up once. During selection the plaintiff's attorney proceeded to ask a bunch of open ended questions- not what I would consider a sign of a good lawyer. So I proceeded to ask him to explain a few of the questions- with several other jurors agreeing with me. I did not get selected. Just remember one thing- be honest. If you think something about the case, you need to reveal it if asked, because that's how they select a "fair" jury.
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          I've served twice.

          Gwinnett County had me for a whole week. I was on two cases ,the first was settled in a day (drunk redneck chick fight) and they sent me back to the juror pool where I was selected again for a civil case. Interesting enough if just for the education of seeing how things work
          Second was Walton County where I sat in a room all day waiting to be called and wasnt ,sent me home and I was done


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            every county does it differently. I had it in Dekalb county and I sat there for half the morning, they sent me home at lunch without ever being called from the waiting room. I've also had it in athens-clarke county, but I never actually had to report. I called in every night and my number never came up.

            I would like to actually get selected for a case, I think it would be interesting to see how it all works.

            Just remember, one day you might be involved in a lawsuit that goes to a jury and you'll want people like yourself setting there deciding the outcome.
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              I too would like to be called to Jury Duty some day.


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                Jury duty is the price you pay for voting...or registering to vote. :lol:


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                  I do vote. Just haven't been chosen yet.


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                    i got struck from the selection
                    there were 38 possible jurors
                    i think its bc i look young
                    it was a vehicular manslaughter due to DUI case
                    Originally posted by VERY FLUSH
                    Trust education is far surpass other people