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What do you drive in Forza 2?

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  • What do you drive in Forza 2?

    I'm going out on a limb here and assuming that most of us have an XBox 360 and Forza Motorsport 2. How far have you gone in the game? What does your garage look like? Your three favorite cars? How do you normally tune them?

    I got to driver level 50 in the Asian region, then switched to European so I could buy up a bunch of Porsches. I haven't sold off most of my award cars simply because they're only worth 100 credits and it's a hassle to sell them. I've got a huge range of cars, with every drivetrain combination and power-adder represented. I've got a Miata done up to look like mine (complete with racing numbers) and drive like it too, a black Porsche 996 with Volk TE37 wheels, and an 880 HP AWD Nissan 240Z on my favorites list. Most of my cars are very balanced, but I've got a handful of U999 cars with ridiculous amounts of power. The 240Z is one, a white Testarossa is another, a 911/964 and a 959 top the list of ridiculously powerful machines.

    Comments? Criticisms? Favorite tracks?
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    RE: What do you drive in Forza 2?

    I was playing it quite a bit until I got GTA and found people to play in Fifa. I was enjoying driving with the calsonic skyline race car with the assists turned off.

    Recently I've been playing Forza 1 quite a bit with Mitch (Flameproofcandle), who at one point was ranked stupidly high on xbox live. For that though I tend to exclusively race Mount Fuji in my rx7. I like how easy handling it is and it's controllable when it breaks free.