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Sim racing...Anyone here doing it?

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  • Sim racing...Anyone here doing it?

    Just curious if anyone here has done any online sim racing.

    I have Rfactor and GTR2. I haven't done much of it lately but a friend was trying to get me back into a league.

    It isn't near as good as doing the real thing but better than nothing.
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    I have rFactor, use to be addicted to SCGT back in the day lol.


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      I've got Rfactor with an F1 mod which is pretty cool. I think I might be a bigger fan of Live for Speed though. You should download the free trial of that and see how you like it. For me it all comes down to the wheel, with my brother's sick Driving Force Pro I could play for hours but with my much older Gran Turismo wheel with only 180 degrees of rotation is doesn't feel anywhere near as fun.

      I've heard good things about iracer, not so keen on the ridiculously high prices on that one though.


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        A friend of mine was a beta tester so I tried iracing. It isn't as good as rfactor IMHO. The monthly fee doesn't cut it either.
        As for the wheel the Momo G25 is the one but it is pricey.
        I opted for the cheaper Momo force feedback and it isn't bad.
        2020 Jet Black Mica GT RF


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          Live for Speed is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving. Try the LFS physics with our free demo!

          It's a quick download too. Really fun game. I'm gonna get back into it I think.


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            I have seen that but never tried it. It looks like there isn't enough selection for cars or tracks.
            2020 Jet Black Mica GT RF


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              Yeah that's the limiting factor but there's a ton of mods for additional cars and tracks I think. But yeah, I think I prefer how it feels over the other ones, but that might be more down to getting my wheel set up with it best.


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                Just got the hook up on iRacing and I got to say it's harder to get fast at than RFactor. More realistic. And the track recreation is much better than anything I had seen. Awesome sim.

                I have the G27 wheel. I love the wheel, I like the pedals, the shifter is not as good as the other two components.
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