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  • Yet another Noob

    What's up guys? I just bought my first Miata about a month ago, a 2000 Base in Twilight Mica with 110K miles. Bought it with a bad miss on cylinder #1. But I bought it CHEAP! After a compression check (140/190/190/190) and a leakdown test (90% on #1) we found that it is leaking out of the intake valves. I've purchased another 99 head and am rebuilding it as we speak. While I'm at it, I'll do a little cleanup port job and deshroud the valves. Nothing major.

    It came with the following mods.
    Lightened flywheel (unknown brand)
    Exedy Stage 2 clutch
    Frankenstein Cold Air Intake (Weapon R tube and K&N filter)
    16x7 Konig Monsoons

    When I bought it, the PO had painted the console and removes EVERYTHING from the trunk. So I have collected all of the bits to put all of that back like it should be. Once I get the head problem sorted out, and the interior sorted (pretty much done) then let the mods begin!

    A little about me. I'm 46 and from Montgomery, Al. I've been into cars since I was 16 and I installed car stereo professionally from 1987-2000. I've had cars that I have worked on claim 1st place Nationals finishes in 4 different sanctioning bodies. But I never competed much myself. Around the same time that I retired from car audio, I moved to the performance side. I am one of the founding partners of Garage PWR, a well known local performance club/group. We mainly focused on Nissan performance. The other founding partner is a 25 year Nissan Master Tech and is GT-R certified. Among the cars that we built was my 93 240sx with a mildly modded RB20DET. It was only the third one that we know of done in North America. Done waaaaay before it was cool. LOL. Anyway, one the Fast and Furious craze hit, I sold the 240sx and pretty much got out of performance cars. My partner continued on and I still did all of the ECU soldering (we re-tune our own ECU's) and alot of the ECU R&D work. But I am not the tuner... My partner is still going strong in modding cars. Once I got out of cars, I did something real dumb! I got into boats. STUPID! haha

    Anyway, I recently wanted to get back into cars and didn't want anything as cliche as a 240... The ricer kids have ruined those for me... That and drove the price up by wrecking them all. haha I looked around for something fun to use as my daily driver to keep the miles down on my truck, and what is more fun than a Miata right? So I got one. Let the adventure begin.

    I dont plan to go too crazy with the mods. That is another reason that I sold my 240. It got to the point that it was not fun to drive. It had a stupid stiff set of Tanabe track coilovers and a fairly fussy clutch. With this one, I plan to do a few bolt ons and just enjoy it. Maybe a header and full exhaust (for the sound) and a set of coilovers. Not so much for lowering (I'm old and fat) but more for better damping and adjustability.

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    Hey noob.

    Welcome. Miata’s are great cars to mod, drive stock or anything in between.
    Sean O
    2017 Ford Raptor, 1998 Wrangler, 2013 PRHT Club Edition 2.5/ Fab9/ Ohlins, KTM 1190 Adventure


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      Yeah, I'm already pretty tickled with mine. And it's only running on 3.5 cylinders.


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        I remember when I first got my Miata, best feeling ever!
        1992 Miata C-Package- Apart
        2010 Subaru WRX- Daily