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  • Emerging from the shadows..

    I’m Matthew, a new-ish Miata owner in the ATL. Bought the car in February and finally getting around to doing what I want with it. I live in Canton, work in Roswell, and am starting my first semester at Ga Tech next month for Computer Engineering. So the chances are high you’ll see me around!

    The car was a Crystal Blue 2001 Base model. ~205k miles when I bought it. Clean from a distance, but was actually pretty rough.

    Pic of the night I bought it:

    Couple months of cleaning later:

    Fast forward to now, I’m two months into summer and am finally getting around to actually working on her!

    Pic of the new color (vinyl wrap):

    I will probably start a build thread for the car, because that sounds fun and I’m always doing stuff to the thing. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Also I hope to get involved with AutoX sometime soon, so hopefully I can meet some of you guys out there.

    In the meantime, check out my post in the classifieds to see if you have anything I need before I go waste all my internship money on brand new parts :lol:

    Seems like an awesome forum and community you guys have put together here, excited to be a part of it!

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    The vinyl wrap looks really cool!

    Welcome to the madness
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        Digging that wrap, something different.


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          Welcome, Matthew!
          - Lee -
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            Thanks guys! That was exactly what went through my head when I got my first sample piece, something different!


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