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Forgot to say hello the first time around, figured I'd do it right this time.

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  • Forgot to say hello the first time around, figured I'd do it right this time.

    Bought a CPO 2016 MX-5 GT in Meteor Gray with 5000 miles on the clock back in April of last year and I forgot to say hello. Whoops.

    Bought a 2003 MX-5 LS soft top in repainted red with 235,000 miles on on the clock this past Monday and I'm doing it right this time. HELLO! (Don't let the pictures fool you, she looks WAY worse in person. Same goes for me. haha)

    Both cars are amazing in their own ways. I daily the ND and eventually, the NB will become an Exocet but that's an introduction for a different day. Rick Stengard (I hear he hangs around here but I don't know his alias) happened to have listed the first NB I officially went to look at and test drive. The word 'Exocet' was mentioned before I even made the walk up his drive way and I could tell it was going to be a fun day. Not to brag or anything, but if you ever get the chance to ride shotgun in one, make sure you say 'yes'.

    Anyhow, for now, the NB is going to be my AutoX/track warrior for a little while until I decide to do the MASSIVE NA/NB weight reduction mod. Thanks again Rick. haha

    I'm sure I'll be seeing some of you either on the road, in person, or at an event. In the mean time,

    Edit: Worth mentioning, I live in the North Alpharetta area.




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    Welcome to the madness!
    2020 Jet Black Mica GT RF


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      Welcome! Nice find on the 03. Enjoy.
      David Luney - Suwanee GA
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      04 RX-8, 10 Black MS3, 08 Red MS3, 06 550i, 05 325i 92 Spec Miata and a parts car or two.


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        We typically have have a monthly meet in East Cobb the second Saturday of each month. The next one, while not yet confirmed, should be 8/12. Perhaps come hang out! I'm sure details will be posted soon.
        - Lee -
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          Welcome! Great collection of Miatas.

          And you are right, Rick Stengard does hang around these parts. I think his username is BeanieBaby69.

          Or Rick02R; I can never remember which one he uses now.


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            That's a nice pairing :)
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