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New owner of a NB2!

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  • New owner of a NB2!

    Hi guys, just wanted to drop in to say hello! I'm the new owner of a 2005 Miata LS in Nordic Green, with 89k on the clock. I was going to wait until I sold my S52 E30, but I felt the price on the car was way too good to pass up. The car has been a blast to drive so far, though it's lowered entirely too far and is suffering from very limited suspension travel. It looks nice, though. First couple of things on the agenda are to establish baseline maintenance and to replace the suspension.

    Here's a photo of the Miata and my E30 squaring off. I think selling the E30 is the right move at this point in my life ... I just don't have the time for a project car with two kids under 6 and another bun in the oven, but I will SORELY miss it. The S52 is just perfect in an E30.

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    Welcome. More info on the e30 please!
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      Welcome! Both cool cars!


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        Thanks, gents! E30 highlights:

        - 1989 325is, Cirrus Blue
        - Rebuilt S52 from a 99 M3
        - Rebuilt S3.25 LSD with 40% lockup
        - ZF transmission from a 99 M3 with a UUC Evo3 SSK and DSSR
        - Spec E30 suspension - Bilsteins/H&R Race, UUC SwayBarbarians
        - Super clean interior with Recaro SR3 seats and a crackless dash

        Such a great car, but as most projects go, I can think of thousands of dollars worth of improvements, most of which I'll likely never get around to.


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          Dope cars. Welcome aboard!
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