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  • New NA owner

    Hi guys,

    Picked up this 1995 from Greg at Miata Afterworld back in December. It's my first sporty car and I'm loving it.

    It's in pretty good shape, some rust on the sills, but a strong driver.
    I've done some basic stuff: new rotors and pads, valve cover gasket, CAS O-ring, repainted the wheels, and just added Cibie headlights.

    The plan is to get it ready for a cross-country road trip planned for the spring. It's a total budget build, only replacing what I need to in order to get it dependable and running well.

    Headed to RSpeed tomorrow for a general inspection. Since I've never driven a miata before, I honestly don't know how one that's in good shape should feel. Mainly concerned with what they'll say about the suspension and transmission...$$$

    I took it up around Helen (I live in Midtown) this weekend for a little shakedown run and it was a blast. Top down, winding around the mountains, diving up and down through the clouds and fog...a few odd noises but the car had no other complaints.


    Glad there's an Atlanta miata forum, and hope to meet some of you all soon!


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    Congrats and welcome!
    David Luney - Suwanee GA
    [email protected]
    04 RX-8, 10 Black MS3, 08 Red MS3, 06 550i, 05 325i 92 Spec Miata and a parts car or two.


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      Nice looking ride. Welcome to the madness!
      The only thing that oughta be hella flushed is a toilet.


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        Congratulations, sweet looking car. I second welcome to the Madness! It's contagious