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Need 2 PRODUCT TIPS for my 01 Miata

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  • Need 2 PRODUCT TIPS for my 01 Miata

    2 QUESTIONS: I need to buy an upper #1 exhaust manifold H02 Sensor - & need to save $ if I can. I read one buyer got 2 BAD Bosh sensors in a row. What is the best reasonable replacement ? where ? how much $$?

    I have not had my Miata out in months - following a long illness. What is an effective Fuel Additive INJECTOR CLEANER ?

    Many Thanks, Craig
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    Hey Craig,
    I figured someone with more info would respond, but I’ll give my penny's worth to you.

    I've had good luck with Bosch in general, so I don’t think that is a bad choice, but I’ve also had good luck with denso (they make a lot of Toyota parts). You can get either pretty reasonably at Rockauto. Another idea (cheaper) is RSpeed has a generic one, but you will need to use the pigtail (wires) from your old O2 sensor. I’ve had good luck with RSpeed and figure they wouldn’t sell you a junk part.

    As far as gas...really depends upon how old it is. Draining and fresh is best, but less than a yea old, I'd add 93 octane to fill up the tank and mix the fresh gas with the old. Gas looses some octane as it gets older, thus why the 93 octane. For a cleaner in a bottle...I’d use Chevron Techron fuel cleaner. I think it’s the best over the counter cleaner.

    good luck!


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      Support your local RSpeed! They have both generic O2 sensors and ones with plug and play connectors on them.
      RSpeed is your source for the best prices on high quality Mazda Miata MX-5 parts, accessories, and repairs.
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        Two thumbs up with a snap for RSpeed. They are good, local people. I am just a happy customer.
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          Still haven't found a fuel additive injector cleaner.
          But did purchase a new DENSO OEM 02 sensor from Rock Auto Parts for $20. cheaper than ANYWHERE else..
          R speed didn't have one at that time.