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  • 99 egr

    Has anyone successfully cleaned and fixed an egr issue on a 99. I have had both codes (not at the same time). It is intermittent right now, cel mostly on but will go off for a few days then come back on for a week or so. I have had the top half of the intake off more times than I can count on one hand. I have replaced some of the vacuum lines, I have had the valve off a few times so much crap on there can't find a product that will get rid of it.

    Being that it is now intermittent, I believe that I am making some progress.
    Short of the reroute method, i don't want to do that just because it is not the right way to FIX it, any ideas?

    Any way to get all the buildup off of the EGR valve. I know carbon is a ***** but is there a product that will get rid of it?

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    RE: 99 egr

    Oh the joy of the 99.

    The dealer removes the intake manifold and gives it an ultrasonic bath. Seems to do the trick. They say that cleaning it with solvents and brushes isn't thorough enough.

    As far as the carbon build up in EGR goes, either
    -you don't drive it hard enough
    -it's running too rich
    -you're using too high octane fuel
    While the system is obviously not ideal, a solution to one of the items above should solve the problem.

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