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Engind bogging down at startup

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  • Engind bogging down at startup

    I have a 93 Miata NA 1.6, and whenever I try to start it, the car will usually flood out and not start.
    You can finally start it and it will run like it is flooding out for a while and then take off and run like a brand new car.

    Is there a choke of any type on these cars that needs adjusting or replacing?

    Seems like the choke is stuck and car is fighting to get past being choked out.

    thanks for any help ...

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    No choke. Need to eliminate some potentials...

    Ever replaced the fuel pump? Last fuel filter swap? Last spark plugs and wires? Last air filter? Any repair work done before this showed up?


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      The 93 has a couple of "choke like" things: The IACV and the intake thermoswitch ISC. These can effect the amount of air/fuel you get at startup. after warmup they are no longer in play.
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        Tightened the alternator belt and put in new plugs and now runs like new. Went out riding and had a blowout. Now shopping for new tires. LOL!!!