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Turbo Rebuild Question/Confusion

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  • Turbo Rebuild Question/Confusion

    So I started the rebuild of my td04h-15g and I ran into a situation.

    It doesn't seem to have one of the two O-ring's (missing #10) . There is absolutely no evidence of one being there. I understand that sometimes the o-rings can breakdown, but can they be completely removed through time and leave no trace? Is that a "thing"?

    Also, the rebuild kit I purchased comes with the O-ring (#10), and it doesn't fit at all. I've tried working in there multiple ways, its a no go. (Haven't tried cooling o-ring to get it to fit, if that would work)

    Arrow is pointing to where the O-ring should be.



    Should I just reassemble without the O-ring? Or..... :dunno:

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    For anyone wondering, someone on a other forum informed me that no o ring goes there. And the area below it is where the o-ring is. It was so cooked that it was firm, and crumbled when stabbing it with a pocket knife.

    Problem solved.