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Selling 2007 MX5, but soft top has tears

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  • Selling 2007 MX5, but soft top has tears

    Hi all,
    Unfortunately, we need to sell my wife's 2007 MX5 (our new baby boy made this decision for us!).

    The car's in good condition except for the soft top, which is tearing and likely in need of replacement. I called a couple of Atlanta-area shops about replacement and was quoted anywhere from $1450 to $1750. Seems steep, particularly since we're selling the car. Am I SOL or are there other options? Auto Tops Direct has a vinyl top for $355, shipped. Know of anyone who'd install it on the cheap? Are we better off selling the car as-is at a discount? Thanks!


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    Greg at MiataAfterworld in Braselton can install a new top much cheaper than that.
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      you have two options. One find a used top on the frame and repalce the whole frame, no clue how hard that is on an NC but its what i had to do for my NA, wasnt too difficult but annoying for sure. Two is just like posted above, go to miata afterworld. He offers a couple different tops at different price points but he's probably the cheapest in the state because of how many he does
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        Originally posted by Shwing View Post
        One find a used top on the frame and repalce the whole frame
        This what I did for my car.

        I actually have an extra used OEM NC cloth top. No tears but the straps to pull the corners in will need to be stitched back if desired. 100% functional otherwise without any tears. The oem cloth tops last forever on the NC for the most part, unlike the crappy vinyl ones.

        $400 and I'll help you install it if you buy lunch. It's a relatively simple bolt off and bolt on operation, but time consuming. Lmk if you're interested.
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          Wow, appreciate the responses, everyone! Beers on me!

          Zadnak, thanks for the offer, but with work and the little guy, I don't think I'll have time for an installation project. I'll still buy you lunch, though!

          I called Miata Afterworld and spoke to Caroline, who may just be the nicest person on earth. Taking it in later this month for a replacement top at what I can only describe as a disturbingly reasonable price! Thanks for the heads up, miatastuff and Shwing!