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2002 Mists SE grinding gearbox

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  • 2002 Mists SE grinding gearbox

    What's up guys, my 2002 Miata is having a problem everytime I shift. The knob kinda makes a little grinding/click/clack noise whenever I shift. What could be the problem? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Shifter could be loose, or tye nylon shift bushing is gone. Is this a new problem or a new to you car?
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      I didn't really notice it until 2 weeks ago. I kinda disregarded it as normal. But when I tried shifting in my brother's 350z, his gearbox shifts like butter. So then I was thinking it could be the tranny fluid. I also read it could be the "gearbox fluid" but IDK if there is such thing since I know NOTHING about cars. But since I'm a complete noob, I kinda just hoped it was normal and didn't do anything about it.


      • #4 <-- pretty apt description of what a busted shifter bushing looks like <- how to swap it, I'm fast forwarding thru it, but it seems pretty comprehensive. You don't need a metal/brass bushing, the stock nylon works fine when it's not completely busted. It lasted 10 years, it'll probably last another 10.

        gearbox, tranny fluid - same thing. Does it rattle with the clutch in? might be throw out bearing, might just need a bleed.


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          It doesn't rattle, it just grinds when changing gears. & thanks for the video! I just ordered that part, hoping it works.


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            Failing clutch hydraulics. Replace the slave cylinder.


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              Originally posted by kung fu jesus View Post
              Failing clutch hydraulics. Replace the slave cylinder.
              If you're gonna do this go ahead and get the clutch Hydraulics overhaul kit from 949. I just did it on the wife's turd and it made everything so much better.

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                ^ Completely agree.

                When the gears grind when shifting, the clutch isn't disengaging. This is most often the hydraulics not pushing the release bearing fork far enough to completely disengage the clutch. The clutch hydraulics are typically pretty weak and wear out. Easy enough and cheap enough to replace everything at once. That 949 kit is a good deal.

                If the clutch slave fails, you're going to likely need a tow.


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                  Eh, autozone has the slave cylinder for $20 with a lifetime warranty. I've used that warranty 3 times.

                  I do hate the curly-q hardline on the slave, all of my miatas have the hydraulic line upgrade.