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1994 EGR issue

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  • 1994 EGR issue

    I have a 1994 Miata with an Idle problem. I tracked it back to the EGR valve staying open. For now, I have removed the vacuum line from the valve and plugged it resulting in a check engine light on the dash.

    The EGR Solenoids are holding vacuum on the EGR valve. I had a spare set of solenoids (blew thru them and one is open and one is closed) on the inner fender I swapped out and no change. Before I start digging thru the wiring harness to try and find out why the solenoid that releases the vacuum isn't working I wanted to reach out and see if this was something anyone else has had a problem with before?

    Thanks in advance for the ideas!


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    Just thought I would post the solution in case any else has the same problem. The egr valve was staying open causing a poor idle. After spending a couple of minutes working on it I realized the PO had swapped the vacuum lines and did not have them routed correctly.