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  • I need help

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so I'm sorry if I do anything wrong.

    It all started 2 days ago, I bought a 1990 miata despite it having 311xxxzx miles. The guy said it jumped time so I figured no big deal, it's a non interference. So I took it home and went to setting the time back. So I do that and when I out it all back together and I start driving a little, steam starts pouring out of the engine. So I took it home and filled it up with coolant and burped the system to see if there was any air and still, it overheated. So I replaced the thermostat, still overheated. Now I replaced the water pump and as I poured in the coolant it poured out the engine from the water pump. I put the gasket on the water pump and tightened it down and I don't think I missed any hoses. I really want to avoid taking it to a shop so if anyone could help thatd be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Oil isn't chocolate milk? How do the plugs look - any of them steam cleaned? Just want to rule out a headgasket.

    One of the best things you can do is grab a coolant pressure tester from Autozone - it's $80 deposit to rent - and needs an adapter for the miata radiator. It's a hand pump that pressurizes the system - any small weaping leaks becomes a piss stream under pressure.

    There's also the cursed water plug at the back of the head as a potential leak point.

    And you're sure the radiator fans are running? You can use a paperclip and the diagnostics box (on the driver side fender) to jumper TFA and GND - the fan should turn on.

    How To... - Diagnostic Port Pinouts - 90-93 94-97 99-00 FEN = Self-Diagnosis...
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      It's probably the unused water outlet plug on the back of the block. It's a little rubber hose cap right below the CAS. If you find one let me know where because Mazda doesn't make that part any longer.


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        Well, I thought about both of those places but the coolant is leaking down the front of the oil pan coming from the water pump. Am I supposed to put a sealant on the WP gasket?


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          When I get home from work I'll try and get some pictures of where it's leaking from