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What's This Bearing Called In The Flywheel

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  • What's This Bearing Called In The Flywheel

    Upon removing my flywheel the bearing in the middle is ripped and busted like a 90 year old slut bag. I believe this was my noise I thought was a t/o bearing, what's this bearing called?? Anyone have any idea? ******* Miatas and their lame *** issues.

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    Pilot bearing.



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      Awesome thanks!!


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        pilot bearing, and they can go out on anything.

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          Probably the first time its had an issue in 19 years of service...I'd say thats damn good...especially the way people beat on miatas.
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            Especially the way simon beats on it.
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              Originally posted by mustangtomiata View Post
              Especially the way simon beats on it.
              True lol