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Tips and advice for valve stem seal replacement

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  • Tips and advice for valve stem seal replacement

    Just wondering if anyone had advice for replacing the valve stem seals. Bought new ones today, and will hopefully be doing this over the weekend to fix the burning oil on startup issue in my 95. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    uh huh... have you ever had a valve train apart before???
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        Originally posted by amaff View Post
        uh huh... have you ever had a valve train apart before???

        I've done cams before, and helped assemble SBC's & BBC's, but never had to mess with with the valve stem seals. I'm paranoid and like to make sure I research as much as possible before tearing into a car.

        Good link, I'm trying to confirm weather or not the 1.8 actually does use different seals for the intake and exhaust sides. The pack o seals I got just has 16 in a bag, and they all appear to be identical.
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          All 1.8L are the indeed the same size.

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            Awesome, thanks man, any good links for torque specs? I can't seem to find an FSM anywhere online.


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              75 IN/LBS for the cam caps.

              Trying to get the retainers back in place can be a PITA with the head still on the car, but it's doable if you have a second person there. Me and hector actually just did this to a car in the shop. They make a special tool that removes the keepers in a split second, but putting them back in doesn't work so well. We had to make our own tool and place them in by hand.

              Also, the seal puller tool is worth it to get. Like $30 and makes removal a 5 second job. A deepwell 10mm socket is he perfect size to press the new seals down into place.
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                Awesome, thanks a lot, now I need to go buy a new in/lbs torque wrench, a friend borrowed my old one and moved to California!