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Engine sputters + CEL

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  • Engine sputters + CEL

    Hey guys,
    So yesterday I decided to clean the engine with some Simple Green, and the results were pretty good. The only thing I covered up was the fuse box (possibly the problem?).
    I started it up afterwards fine, and didn't drive it the rest of the day. Today I took it on the highway for a while, and after I stopped for lunch and was about to get back on the highway, the engine hesitated to idle and would die. I popped the hood and checked around, but everything appeared normal (didn't see any water in the spark plug wells or anything).
    I started it again, and this time the idle was rough, and revving it the engine was fine after about 1300 rpm, sputtering around 750-1300rpm. The CEL light came on when I tried to drive it; so I parked it and let it idle.
    After sitting at idle for about 15-20 minutes, everything cleared up and it drove fine.

    So there are the symptoms, any possible diagnosis? I'm thinking water got in somewhere, and it just had to be burned off - but then why the normal performance for the first highway drive? Thanks guys.

    "If everything is in control, you're not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    Unplug stuff and let it sit.