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Transmission Issues

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  • Transmission Issues

    This started just recently. I've been having trouble going through the gears in my car, and no this grinding has started. Throwout bearing perhaps? Would that cause crunchy shifting if it's going out? Hydraulics are good.

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    You probably need a new clutch. Unless it's a fresh clutch, in that case...I dunno, but that does not sound good. Get under the car and have someone pump the the slave cylinder and make sure it's actuating enough.

    But judging by that sounds like the clutch disc material is warn away and you're grinding grooves into your flywheel.
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      yea that sounds right ^ or its a throw out bearing making awful noises. i dont remember if you heard mine but it was horrid. lemme know what your gunna do im sure we could gather some guys together to help you out.


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        if it is your fly wheel I have one that is "slightly" lighter then stock will bring to Tech day for a small fee.PM if interested.I ride a similar set up and it revs like hell
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          If it was the throw out bearing making noise...the noise should go away when you push in the clutch. I've had a couple noisy throw out bearings, but they've never sounded like the cacophony in that video. That sounds bad.

          Is there an inspection window on these trannies? If so, I'd shine a flashlight up in there and see if there are pieces of flywheel bouncing around in there.
          1991 UK-spec MX-5 - <<< METAL!


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            I wouldnt be surprised if that unsprung clutch did something to the tranny. That sounds nasty.
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