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  • Momo Supercup Seat

    With a new car (to me), I am starting from almost scratch.

    I have been pouring over my notes from ‘13-‘15 when I was reasearching and acquiring safety gear for HPDEs, particularly seats. Comparing manufacturers’ dimensions with my size, and the Miata cockpit, I am looking at the Momo Supercup as potentially my next choice.

    I will be installing this into an NB, so if anyone has experience with one, or has one installed, can you post pictures and tell me your thoughts? If I can sit in one, even better.

    I am likely selling my current seat with my NA. I modified the car and seat (OMP Grip) to fit. It was good for sessions, uncomfortable for long travel. The Supercup has almost an inch more in the hip area, despite being narrower overall at the front. I am typically a 34” waist, between 170-180#, average build, 6’ tall, wide hips. I am trying to minimize permanent modifications to the car if I can help it. I am familiar with designing and building composite seating, so I wouldn’t be shy of trimming the seat flanges a bit, or run a flat door card to clear the shoulder bolsters for these events.

    If you can help me get my butt in one of these seats to test or even buy, please let me know!