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Atlanta Region SCCA 2018 Schedule

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  • Atlanta Region SCCA 2018 Schedule

    All our events are at Atlanta Motor Speedway this season :D

    Atlanta Region SCCA
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    We have a hell of a 2018 season ahead and thought I would share my excitement!

    First we secured Atlanta Motor Speedway for the entire season! This is a pretty big deal for us moving from Lanier. Lanier has it's positives, but AMS is far superior in so many ways, mostly because it is 3x-4x larger. AMS is not without its challenges, but again we will be able to host a much more valuable and enjoyable event. Oh and we will have a food vendor on site as well! woot woot!

    Our schedule is pretty stacked as well.

    On top of our normal 13 event season, we are hosting a Starting Line, kicking off our inaugural Top Cop Autocross Challenge, hosting the GridLife South Autocross at RA, hosting a Street Survivor is in the works and we are in discussions about hosting a SEDiv event.

    On top of all of this, we have started a "Rookie" class which is sponsored by SPS. SPS has signed on as the title sponsor and providing the following prizes for the top three spots.

    1st = full face helmet + magnetic number package + gift cert
    2nd & 3rd = magnetic number package

    This class will operate like our Pro class with PAX. The idea here is anyone with less than 1yr experience can register in this class and compete for the prizes. We are trying a number of things to increase our retention of new people and this is one of the bigger items on our list.

    We have a number of other new things but I'm just super stoked about this year and think we are poised for a great season!
    Tom Gorman
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