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  • [email protected] hpde

    Atlanta’s own Jzilla Trackdays is planning a Miata-centric HPDE preceding [email protected] Though not an official activity, the plan is to stage this on Thursday, August 2. It will be at Atlanta Motorsports Park. There has been an amazing level of interest from Miata-specific vendors and companies, and the track is well-suited to many drivers of varying skill and experience.

    Jzilla hosted an HPDE at AMP this past Thursday for 86 Atlanta, a BRZ/FRS enthusiast club. Many MX5ATL members were there as instructors. A lot of enthusiasts touched their cars on a real roadcourse for the first time, it went fantastic and the day was terrific! It was a kickoff to their Tougefest activities this weekend. It was a great test to see how a Miata-specific HPDE might run, the results are exciting!

    Jzilla will provide qualified, experienced instructors to those needing it. Vendors will have an opportunity to showcase their products in action. Like all Jzilla events, the atmosphere will be friendly, fun, and safe.

    Participants of [email protected] will be encouraged to register when it finalized. Locals are also welcomed to attend! There is the intention that those coming in from the mountains could come over Blood Mountain, so that part of the experience is the adventure of driving down. AMP has better amenities for this and it should be a great time. It is hoping to become an annual event, sort of our version of Miatas at Laguna Seca. :)

    It would be fantastic to garner genuine interest to make this a reality early on, so please watch for further details.
    Absolutely! Novice-solo, intermediate, or advanced.
    Absolutely! Novice with instructor.
    Interested if I can drive something other than a Miata.
    Nope, thanks though!

    The poll is expired.

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    I'm interested! This sounds cool!


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      This week’s event with AE86 was fantastic. Loved seeing a whole new crowd get on track. You can bet I’ll be at this event in my “anorexic Miata“.
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        I'm in. Havn't been able to make it to a Gap event yet but hoping to do so this coming year. Love the idea of a trackday warm up first!
        '00 Black NB, Track/Street car.
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          I’m excited!

          The impetus came from my experiences traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway with my friends in KINOD, tracking our cars at Laguna Seca the day after, and having a great time doing it. It created some of my favorite memories and friendships in the long history I’ve had owning this car. Most of us are pretty local to AMP, and those driving to and from Deals Gap are only looking at a 2 hour trip either way (and a fun one at that), so that’s a lot easier than a 9-10 hour drive from LA to Monterrey. Still, I’m hoping the adventure and experience is similar. :)


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            You can count me 'n FrankenMiata in!


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              Updated with a poll. Your feedback is appreciated and helps us move forward!


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                I'm in. Upper intermediate please.
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