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TGPR Track Event Sept 23-24

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  • TGPR Track Event Sept 23-24

    If you're looking for an inexpensive, low-key track event, this is it.

    Registration is open for our Fall event at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway!
    It's coming up quick on September 23-24 so register today!

    - One or two day Track Day (PDX): The best and cheapest way to get your car on track! We offer instructors for novices at no additional charge and our newly discounted one-day option ($160) makes it the most economical way to get on track.
    - We need workers! These events don't happen without volunteers. This is a good low-key event to learn skills like flagging, timing and scoring or pit and grid. We'll give you some gas money, lunch and if your car passes a basic tech inspection, you'll get to turn some laps of your own at the end of the day!
    - Two day SEDIV Time Trial. Earn points towards the Southeast Division Time Trial Championship.
    - Our Time Trial School: The best way to get into on-track competition. Leave the weekend with a full TT license!

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    A day on track for just $160 and the weather's looking great! And there will be four Eliminators there! :lol:


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      Needs more Exocet!

      If it wasn't the kiddo's birthday party and family day I'd be all in. Was reminiscing about Little Tally this week.

      Have fun!
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