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What's With Sports Car Racing?

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  • What's With Sports Car Racing?

    In the middle of a recession, why is sports car racing about to have it's biggest season in a long time?? TONS TONS TONS TONS of new teams, HUGE fields, new's the deal??

    Perfectly fine with me.

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    I guess they bought all the stuff on credit last year before things got bad? THEY CAUSED THE RECESSION!
    91 BRG #3240
    Have you ever seen a guy driving a Mazda Miata and thought, “man, I wish that was me!”? Neither have I.
    Aside from the fact that this car screams “I’m fabulous!” from every angle, this car was made for the guy who wants to drive down the coast with his new scarf from Wal Mart flapping in the breeze. If you own a Miata you're one of three things: in the closet, a woman, or a ******bag.


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      Sweet!! :) lol

      The better the racing is the more $ I get!


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        I talked to Gordon from IMSA in Sebring, he says they are still really hurting, but the future is bright in spite of lying off thirty people
        "I've never seen anyone do that before... I've never seen someone drive there garbage to the street then beat the hell out of it."