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Hyundai Genesis Commercials

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  • Hyundai Genesis Commercials

    Check out the first one - filmed at Road Atlanta with Rhys Millen behind the wheel.

    Not a bad looking car - there's a turbo four cylinder available that makes 223hp, and a V6 with about 300hp.

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    if they're cheap enough, they'll be kdm tyte for sure.


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      That car looks good fun. The Hyundai Assurance deal is simply a brilliant idea. Credit to 'em, looks like they're really giving it a go when the market's down.


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        maybe if they stopped making gay *** cars earlier they would have a whole line of bad *** cars like this genesisssiss they got now. i think its pretty bad *** and i beleive it will take off if its cheap. no one else has a cheap rwd car anymore. the new miata is far from cheap s2000z are pretty high up there although you can find a bad *** ap1 for pretty cheap. but no new cars in production are rwd and cheap.
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          I don't know if you guys are old enough to remember the Excell they fell apart before you could pay the damm thing off. Hyundai has really come a long way but I would still get a used BMW before one of those new sedans maybe to coup will be better.
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            Originally posted by VERY FLUSH
            Trust education is far surpass other people


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              Now that video is exactly why I'm going to dominate the airwaves.... how boring can you make a car test?!

              Also, that was the base Hyundai wasn't it? Even so, pretty nice times even if it is slower than the 370z and v8 mustang.


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                *yawn* motor trend

                *edit* Hit post reply instead of go advanced

                Motor Trend has long since lost any and all credibility with me. "Underhanded" reviews like this one is a prime reason why. Why test a turbo I4 making 200hp against a high strung 330hp V6 and piggish 315hp V8? What about the 3.8 V6 and 4.6 V8 Hyundai also offers?

                One-sided, partial story, lackadaisical reporting and overall poor content. I'll stick with more suitable publications.
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                ITBs RULE!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!
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