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Installed "Chrom Design" Luggage Rack on my 2015 NC Club Edition PRHT

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  • Installed "Chrom Design" Luggage Rack on my 2015 NC Club Edition PRHT

    Installed this luggage rack from "chrom design" took a minute to get it fitted. Ordered on Dec 7 arrived Jan 2 because it was shipped from Germany.
    • What I like about it:
      • Looks great! Looks Amazing! Makes the car look super classy, perfect addition!
      • It's strong, super tight fit, does not damage the paint if your careful, came with plastic slabs for the hooks so it doesn't damage the trunk lid.

    • What I did not like about it:
      • Came with absolutely 'no instructions' on the install what so ever. Luckily I watched a video by another company who imports a similar version of the rack on the install before hand.
      • Unlike other rack with the same design, flipping the rack to where the stopper (raised portion) is facing the rear will NOT give you enough clearance for the hardtop to function. To fix this I had to take the entire rack apart further, pry off the brake lights, unscrew the 4 mounts holding the rack base and flip them from front to back, use my bearing spacers off one of my skateboards as "spacers" like wheel spacers to move the entire rack just far enough to clear the hard top mechanism.
      • It took way longer than it could have to be delivered as some american based companies make the same style rack that are larger, have smarter mounts, and the brake light deleted by default.
      • Theres these foggy looking spots, almost like dried wax that are annoying to get off.
      • No extra mounting points for adjustability.
      • Quite expensive for no instructions or extra parts.

    It seems to be faring well in the cold icy conditions that is currently upper most Georgia. Tomorrow I should definitely check to make sure it's still on tight. I don't recommend buying one from chrom design please find another manufacture.

    First photo was the fitment prior to me relocating the mounts that held the rack its self. Other manufactures have mounts with a different design so you won't run into a problem like this. All other photos are the rack properly fitted with adjustments and improvising.
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    Looks good! Do you travel a lot? I thought about getting one of these a while ago, but found it unnecessary.
    2007 True Red Miata


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      Certainly an old school style. Have one on my Morgan, think it looks better on an old school car than it does on an MX5

      2008 MX5 PRHT (sold)
      2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupe
      1981 Morgan Plus 8, 2016 Morgan three wheeler


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        Thanks Zadnak!! Yes I travel quite a bit, plus life is unpredictable, never know really when I need to use it for real. Looks great, can carry a couple of longboards :D Just always wanted one and thought it would be perfect for the car.


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          Sweet Lance! Such a clever design too!


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            Sweet Wheels Josh! I'd consider trading my Momo's in for those...