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MegaMeet 2009 - April 18th, Suwanee, Georgia

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  • MegaMeet 2009 - April 18th, Suwanee, Georgia

    Hi everyone,

    I've posted this on a couple Miata forums and one the members asked if I could put this here too, so here it is. Anyone is welcome to attend and I suspect there's going to be a pretty good Miata turnout - there were a couple last year, and of course we'll have the shop test mule Miatas around.

    The yearly east coast MegaMeet is on again, for April 18th, at headquarters. We'll set up a chassis dyno in the parking lot, there's going to be discussions on tuning theory and practical tuning tips, and you'll get a chance to see some of the latest hardware - including some glimpses of things that haven't hit the market yet. Whether you have a car running on Megasquirt, are trying to get a car running on Megasquirt, or are just plain interested, everyone is welcome to attend.

    See MegaMeet - MegaSquirt Meet 2009 for details.
    Matt Cramer - technical support

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    Thanks for posting over here Matt. It will get a lot of local attention here!

    Originally posted by miata5620
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      Sounds like a good opportunity to grab people and make them sign up!


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        Was there last year....pretty good turnout...dinner that night was fun :D

        Oh... Matt, we'll have to keep the automatic gunfire to a minimum this time :lol:


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          I went last year. Reluctantly and unwillingly had to leave early for a formal event, so I missed the tuning theory discussions. Still had a great time and look forward to atttending this one.

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            ill probably be there!
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              It was great fun in the time I was able to attend last year. Should be there again this year.
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                < will be there for sure if that not during my spring break
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                  i can bring e30? :)
                  DIE WHITE GIRLS


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                    I'll let Kurt respond to that one. He takes the most pleasure talking about your e30.


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                      Sure thing on the e30 man-- the meet's for anyone running or even interested in MS. FWIW I'm still DD my turbo Miata and will be autoxing this year again ARSCCA region, but I've been wrenching on a 77 Nova and a 84 RX7 GSL SE lately (both running MS now)... I'm an equal opportunity car junky. They'll all be at the meet. Actually, we may strip the MS off the RX7 and MS it again at the meet to take people through an install. Haven't decided for sure yet.
                      Jerry a.k.a. 'FoundSoul'


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                        I'm especially looking forward to this now that I'm considering the Ms route.