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Jan. 31st Tech day ROLL CALL and guidelines

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  • Jan. 31st Tech day ROLL CALL and guidelines

    Where: AutoFAB Motorsports
    5055 Old Ellis Point
    Roswell Ga 30076

    When: Saturday, January 31st, 2008. 10:00am

    I just want to get a list going of who will be there and what (if anything) you will be wanting to do to your car. I will be updating this post with your replies.

    Also, if you plan on bringing any cheap Big-K drinks and peanutbutter crackers (:lol:), please add that too so we can gauge how much snack food will be there, we don't want to leave anyone out!

    Also, DO NOT DISCUSS the meet in this thread.... leave that to the other thread.

    Tools. Thomas will likely set up ONE (1) roll-around cart with some basic tools (sockets, rachet, pliers etc...) and these tools need to be returned to the cart immediately after use. If any special tools are needed, you will have to request Thomas or me to get them for you. I don't think there will be a problem with the placement and usage of tools..or at least i'd think so.

    Welding. The welder will only be used by one person, Thomas. Because of the cost of materials to run the welder and the time it takes to need it, there will be a small fee to use it. No exact amount has been set, more like you should be reasonable with making an offer (this was told to me by Thomas).

    Snacks for the day. Feel free to maybe grab a cheap 2 ltr. or some cheap canned drinks for us. I supplied a good bit of food for the alignment tech day and it maybe cost me $10 to bring a bunch of stuff, maybe bring a bag of chips or cheap cookies/doughnuts/energy/sugary food. As for dinner, i'm sure we'll discuss it between now and then or the day of. There are a lot of food options in the area.

    Work/projects/installs. Generally, tech-days are for learning about jobs/installs that just about everyone will deal with and sometimes a project that everyone can learn from. The shop has two (2) lifts that are one-in-front-of-the-other. This should not be a problem, but in the case someone is on the rear lift and a car is coming off of the front lift, be ready to clear a path for car #1 to be moved under car #2. Things like suspension, oil changes, brakes, engine diagnostics, bulb changes etc.. are typical work to be done. Larger projects will have to be discussed. I know a couple people are wanting to change timing belts/water pumps. These projects should be fine as they do not require the use of lifts and can be done in front of the shop. Things that require multiple hours on a lift are not ideal projects for tech days. Tech days are NOT intended for "I want to get a bunch of work done for free" projects. Larger projects that require the use of resources that are not normally available to you (i.e. welding, 4+ hours of lift time, etc...) will require a reasonable donation for the use of materials. Any donations made for using the shop/facilities will be fine, but don't feel obligated or that you need to as this is NOT a fundraiser.

    Everyone is free to come, even if you don't plan on working on your may have some insight or can learn something for your own future don't be a stranger!

    Mike- replace rearview mirror, replacing side emblems, install sideskirts.
    Bryan - helping/hanging out
    Jenn - attending, photographing, will try to bring some snacks, no projects
    Ben - attending/snacks ,frame rail reinforcement install,stainless brake line install,brake and clutch bleed,weld one flange to small exhaust transition for turbo compressor outlet adapter (don't expect to complete all, or even most, of these)
    Eric - Oil change, help and pictures, spring install (on the Van of Doom??)
    Chris(and friend for help)-snacks/help - Re-seal oil pan, maybe make my door handle work again if time permits
    Stephen - Attending with Blue Miata, help/snacks
    Chris (My Father) - Attending with Black Miata, help
    Steve - Attending to give a helping hand. No work needed on the miata at this time.
    Nick - no projects. snacks/help
    Grant- attending/help
    Matt - attending/help/snacks and possible fuel filter
    Nick L - attending/snacks , baby teeth removal
    Kurt - Complete "overhaulin' " style project....not. attending/helping
    Steve (N3v)- attending/helping, possible exhaust work
    Paul - attending
    Scott - attending/helping/snacks, install springs on NC
    Eric..the other one - attending/helping/snacks , timing belt , oil change
    Jack - attending , bringing shirts/pizza, coolant flush
    Derick - attending/snacks,brakes
    Kris - attending , spring install
    Sean - attending , frame rail install
    LB - attending
    Jester- attending/helping
    Greg - attending/helping
    Tbone- attending
    Synthmob - attending/snacks , timing belt/water pump, find oil leak
    redrumracer - attendending
    lance - possible attendence/help
    Nathan - attending
    Miataspeed - attending
    Jim- Attending
    Scotty - attending
    Eric - attending
    Jeff - attending
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    As of right now I am planing to come and have no projects for the tech day either.
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      Jenn - attending, photographing, will try to bring some snacks, no projects
      2005 Black Mica Mazdaspeed MX-5 - FM Intake - Enthuza Midpipe and Exhaust - FM DP - Hallman MBC - Upgraded Intercooler - Hard Dog Roll Bar - Volk TE37 - and then some...


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        Ben - attending, will bring some cheap cookies and soda

        I have several projects I'll come ready for. I don't expect to complete all, or even most, of these, but I figured it was better to come with options:
        -frame rail reinforcement install
        -stainless brake line install
        -brake and clutch bleed
        -weld one flange to small exhaust transition for turbo compressor outlet adapter
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          Eric - Attending. Want to change the oil on my spaceship if I drive it, but doesn't necessarily have to get done. Mainly showing up to help out.
          Will also be taking pictures and some videos for an idea I have.

          Originally posted by miata5620
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            Chris(and friend for help)- i'll bring a 2 liter and bag of chips

            Projects- Re-seal oil pan,
            maybe make my door handle work again if time permits


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              Stephen - Attending with Blue Miata
              Chris (My Father) - Attending with Black Miata

              Bringing a couple of 12 packs of soda.

              Not expecting to do any jobs, attending more to help and assist. But if time permits, I'll be bringing rear shock mounts and shock boots to install. Again, I don't expect to tackle this job, but I'll bring the stuff, just incase.

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                Steve - Attending to give a helping hand. No work needed on the miata at this time.


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                  Nick - no projects.

                  I'll bring some snacks and basic tools and my shop manual that we can use as a reference.


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                    I plan on being there , nothing to do on my cars


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                      Matt - I'll be there to help and maybe replace my fuel filter if I haven't already and time permitting.

                      I'll see what junk food I can gather as well.
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                        another Nick - I'm going to be down there, I can bring some snacks and I don't really have any projects maybe if there's a few extra minutes I can finally yank off those front tow hooks I've been neglecting to remove...


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                          Originally posted by MeFryRice View Post
                          Steve - Attending to give a helping hand. No work needed on the miata at this time.
                          LB attending as well or does she have to work?


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                            I'll be there.
                            Projects....rebuild engine, complete rotisserie restoration and polish undercarriage, paint inside and out, upholster seats and door panels, install turbo, clutch, and torsen, tune ECU, mount and balance tires, install brake upgrades, and install new soft top & full detail. Then, after lunch.....install PPF on Mikes car. :lol: :lol:



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                              Steve M- attending with black miata, helping out, 100 piece ratchet set in the trunk. Would like to possibly weld exhaust. Not much room for food/drinks, but will bring money for pizza.

                              Paul (friend) - attending to help, possibly with silver miata.

                              Edit: going to be a little late, hopefully get there around 11, no later than noon.

                              I got a big magnaflow muffler from a friend, I have a test pipe, flex pipe and muffler all the same diameter, and I would like to possibly weld all three together for a short straightpipe kinda thing. I say possibly because I'm not totally sure if it it'll fit. I did a few measurements before I got the muffler and I figured that it should fit, but it looks pretty big. We'll see.
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