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  • New to Miatas so...

    Hey Guys, I am pretty new to Miatas. I have done tons of work on my Pcar but I bought appropriate workshop manuals to make that possible.

    What workshop manual(s) do you guys recommend for my 91 NA? I have looked around and seen factory manuals which are a bit pricey and some on CD's.

    Just looking for something decent that includes info specific to 91.

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    Every now and again, you will see the FSMs sell used for a decent price. Rosenthal Mazda ( had a sale on them not too long ago for $50. They're a great place to get good prices on maintenance parts as well.

    It really depends on what info you are trying to obtain. An FSM will of course have all the torque specs and detailed teardown information, while you could spend $20 on a Haynes manual and have the basic to intermediate information.

    Also, check out the garage, or use their search engine for particular issues, that place has a wealth of knowledge that makes life really easy.

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      Okay thanks. I really don't care for the Haynes manual although they are a cheap alternative in a pinch. I figured the factory manual was probably the way to go.

      Porsche factory manuals are as much as a cheap Miata so most guys use Bentley manuals instead.

      I know I can probably find most info online but having the laptop covered with grease from my car just won't fly around the homestead if you know what I mean.
      2020 Jet Black Mica GT RF


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        I've yet to face an issue with either car that I couldnt figure out between miatanet & the Haynes "meh"-nual. Keith Tanner's "Performance Projects" can come in handy as well.


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          Yes, these are very simple cars to work on.
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            Thanks guys.
            2020 Jet Black Mica GT RF


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              Factory Service Manual
              Rod's Enthusiasts Manual

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