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Getting 2001 Stock Miata track ready

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  • Getting 2001 Stock Miata track ready

    1. Website link to brake pads and rotors which are good for street as well on track (once in a month Track day, not looking for serious track but does not fail middle of the track day )
    2. Website link to race car seats which fits perfectly into 2001 MX-5 LS.
    3. Website link to aluminum radiator which fits into 2001 MX-5 LS.

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    I don't think you are going to get many people answering you. Your post sounds like it's demanding answers without you doing any research / putting any effort in beforehand. As someone who tracks my Miata, I don't think you are even asking the right questions.

    I'd recommend that you read:

    It's a bit old, but the information is still good. While you are there, in the race forum, check out the sticky on the race seats and the sticky on cooling. That should give you enough research to ask questions. If you don't wish to do any research and want to take the "fast" way...(which honestly, nobody wants that guy on the track with them) I recommend you go and buy your products from Supermiata. They are track tested and generally only carry one or two items of each thing and they work.

    1. BRAKE FLUID IS MOST IMPORTANT!!! It needs to be fresh fluid & high temp. ATE Type 200 is good and reasonable price...Motul 600 is what I use. Pads that I use (PFC 11) cost $180 per axle. The fronts only last me about 6 track days depending upon the track (that's about 1000 miles) Due to cost, you are better off with street & track pads and swapping them out.

    2. What size are you? BIG and Tall or Small and Short? Race seats need to fit you. If you are Big & Tall, you will need to do other things to your Miata to get the seat to work. Check out the sticky on seats. I have Kirkey Intermediates size 16, but they required some fabrication to install. Unless you are very handy, probably not a good choice for you.

    3. I think the coolant re-route is more important than an aluminum radiator (both is best), if your stock radiator isn't about dead (the black turns brown). I use Supermiata for both on my "stock" Miata and the car stays cool.

    Let me know after you do some research if you have any other questions. Or come out to a track day, walk around and ask the Miata guys about their cars and what they are running. Ask to sit in their race seats to see if you fit. People are generally pretty cool and like to talk about there cars.
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