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Recommended windshield installers? NOTP

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  • Recommended windshield installers? NOTP

    I'm considering replacing my windshield. it's the original unit and after 185k, a few chip fixes, and ton of road blasting, it's probably time I retire it.

    I've never had one replaced on this particular car, so if there are a few tips to know please let me have it. Should I insist on an OE metal bezel? Are they available without the tint strip on the top (mine doesn't have it and would like to keep it that way)?

    I ran a Safelite quote at $219 + additional cost. Seems fair, but looking for recommendations. Mine is a '92, so the mirror is on the header, not the glass itself. Should I remove the hardtop before I make arrangements to install? I have wires that run across the header, under the plastic cover, that power the LED lights I retrofit into my RVM. Thanks!

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    i liked this fellow very much:


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      I would check with Jim Ellis Mazda's body shop to see who they use.
      1991 with Kenne Bell Supercharged 5.0 Ford conversion/ 382whp/376tq