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How much should we ask for our 2007 MX5 Touring?

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  • How much should we ask for our 2007 MX5 Touring?

    Hi all,
    We're grudgingly selling my wife's marble white 2007 MX5 Touring - apparently, a six-week-old won't fit in a roadster. Who knew?!

    Anyway, we've never sold a Miata and are trying to settle on a fair asking price. With standard equipment, KBB places it at $6600-$7100 depending on condition, but I've noticed even private sellers ask for (sometimes significantly) more.

    The car's well-maintained and in good-to-very good condition, other than the soft-top which we are replacing with a new vinyl top later this month (thanks again, Miata Afterworld!). Clean CARFAX report. Around 81,000 miles. With this admittedly small amount of information, can anyone provide any guidance on a reasonable asking price? Appreciate it!


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    I'll open the bidding at $20 and a case of Natty Ice! :lol:
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      Miatastuff likely knows the market best.

      I was shopping recently until I bought my Z4. I'd suggest that your car should sell for around $7,700-$8,200. That is of course without pictures and details but assumes a somewhat nicer than normal car.

      Good luck!
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        Atlanta area MX-5 asking prices and likely selling prices do tend to be above the NADA and KBB. I think Rick is where I would consider a fair asking price. The challenge is that for a 10 year old car there aren't as many finance options for prospective buyers and finding someone with that amount of cash reduces the buyer pool. Folks will look for an 09-14 that they can put cash down on and finance. The good news is the miles are super low an I think the white ones are in less supply. Good luck with the sale.
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          if you have any buyers with financing troubles tell them to look at light stream credit union. its who i used to by my msm. As long as they have decent credit they just depot the asking amount into the bowers account which they can withdraw and buy whatever with cash. They dont ask make model year or anything.
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            Ask $9,999, take $8,000? I've always over priced, so when someone low balls me, they are meeting my actual number I wanted to begin with. They feel like their getting a deal, and you're getting what you want, if thats what you want.

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              I may have missed it, but auto or manual?
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                Appreciate the responses, all. Twisties, it's an automatic. Standard equipment, mostly (alloy wheels, cloth seats, power locks/windows/mirrors, side airbags, A/C, AM/FM stereo w/ single CD, cruise, rear defrost). I slapped on some Cooper Zeon RS3-As in 2015, but that's all for "upgrades."