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Need some seat ideas

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  • Need some seat ideas

    When I bought my car, it had some horrible red "leather" eBay race seats installed. I quickly got rid of those and picked up some ok condition early NA seats, but as I finished off my interior, I found that the condition didn't match the rest of my modified interior. I got some cool looking faux race seats off eBay that looked really, really nice, but ultimately were too uncomfortable for my 38 mile commute. I then ordered some aftermarket leather seat cover replacements, but yet again I was foiled as they are not manufactured correctly and need to be returned. So now, I have one stock and faded driver's seat in the car and a passenger seat out of the car with no cover installed.

    I don't track this car. I just want something comfortable that looks cool for car shows and similar events. I'm not opposed to a nice set of stock NA or NB seats, I just wonder if I'd find some OEM ones in good enough condition. There are endless choices of aftermarket seats as well. Thoughts?

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    Well I've still got two sets of Lotus Elise seats for sale, and I've got a set of Racing Beat black seat covers sitting in the shipping box never used. The Lotus seats I imported from England, so there's a little wear on the outside passenger bolster of one set, the other is fine. They're non-Probax, which means they come with a lumbar inflation section. I've found them to be the most comfy seats I've had in a miata. That they give you extra leg and head room is a nice bonus.
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