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Summer tires or All Season?

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  • Summer tires or All Season?

    I have two sets of 14 inch bbs wheels, one with summer, the other with all season, both have about the same tread depth and age. I will probably never use the extra traction of the summer tires but I love the look of the aggressive tread(stupid right?) How bad/dangerous are they in below freezing weather? I cannot keep both, the other set will go with the sale of the other car. This reminds me of the dilemma women face with high heels. Thanks for any input.

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    My question would be how many days below freezing did you drive in the last year? By the time it gets down to freezing again this year you probably will have worn the summer tires down to go to the others anyway.
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      If it's your only car, I'd probably stick with all-seasons to cover more situations when you really need to drive. The are a compromise for performance, but are usually quieter for daily use, better in the rain, and able to handle the colder weather. Summer tires in cold weather get a little hard and are useless in anything resembling frozen precipitation. At the risk of sounding contrary, both sets of wheels I have are summer tires, but came that way when I bought them. I use my 14" set for DD use, the 15s for the track. The intention is to put A/S on the 14s later on.