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Lowest adjustable racing seat setup

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  • Lowest adjustable racing seat setup

    Been looking around quite a bit to see if there are any other seat slider setups that are lower profile than these?

    Are there not seat mounts for sliders that mount to side of the seat vs on the bottom of the seat?

    Want to install a kirkey racing seat as low as possible obviously cutting out the stock seat mounts so my friend who is 6'3 and myself can drive the car comfortably all while passing the broom stick test. We will have a specmiata cage like the one below in the car which is a bit higher than standard rollbars.
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    Look into PCI mounts.

    I have a Planted seat mount with a slider and side mounts. I think it sits too high and others have made the same comment. I'll be ordering a PCI mount tomorrow most likely.
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      Mount to floor and adjust for the tallest driver. Use foam inserts to adjust for shorter driver.


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        I run a kirkey on stock sliders. The bottom of the seat is flat on the top of the slider. Reach out if you want help getting something like that set up, but it's legitimately as low as you can get, and still keep the double-locking stock slider (a lot of the aftermarket sliders are taller, and single locking).

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          I'm 6'2" and have the adjustable PCI mount with the "set-back" brackets for tall people. It's mounted with a Recaro SPG as low and far back as possible in an NB with Hard Dog HC bar. It's decent, but i'd still like to be a bit lower and a bit further back. Adding sliders would definitely be a deal breaker for seat height, and I think your 6'3" friend would probably agree. I'm considering custom options as a next step.

          As said earlier, especially for racing, bolt it as low to the floor as possible to accommodate your 6'3" friend, then add padding for anyone else.
          - Ryan
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            Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions!

            Will try them out, thanks!
            16' VW Golf R | 97 Salvagewon Eliminator | 90 SC'd Track Project


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              I'm not saying it's a perfect solution, but have worked with a Miata to accommodate drivers ranging from 6'3" to 5'9" in the same event. Each driver was responsible for their 'pillow'. The beltman on the pitcrew helped the drivers strap in, comms, hydration, etc.