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When is the next DIY meet?

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  • When is the next DIY meet?

    So sick of my MSM looking like it's ready to do some 4x4 activities. Got the springs and 15x7's to go under it, but I don't have the tools.

    Also anyone know of any good suspension alignment place to go after install?

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    In before everyone says "Gran Turismo East"


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      I didn't try Grand Turismo east when I put my coilovers in, but I did call 3 different firestones (I was trying to get a lifetime alignment with custom numbers, so I can have them make tweaks to alignment without paying again).

      The firestone at merchants walk (roswell rd/johnsons ferry in east cobb) was the only one willing to work with me. They did good work, and put the car on the numbers I requested. If you do go with them, ask to speak to the manager or the alignment tech, as some of the staff there is quick to tell you no, while others say its fine.
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        Or, I dunno, maybe go to GTE where they are familiar with these cars and will work with you to get the settings you want. They will even let you sit in the car while they do it. Do it once, do it right. The "lifetime' alignments are garbage when you ask for certain specs outside the stock settings.


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          Firestone Lifetime Alignments are a scam. They are intended to get the customer to keep returning to get the alignment checked (which very rarely happened, the actual checking of the alignment that is) so that the mechanics could comb over the vehicle and sell the owner a lot of steering & suspension parts. After all, a car can't be aligned with worn out stuff on it. How do I know? I made a pretty good living off of it when I worked there.
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              Invest in toe plates and a camber gauge, and then you can do your own alignments.

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