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Need help identifying what this is...

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  • Need help identifying what this is...

    Just bought a 97 M edition. First Miata and love the car!

    Need help identifying what this thing is though... Just put my top down for the first time since it warmed up to 71F... two freaking days after freezing temps! this ga weather is ridiculous. Anyway, I covered it with the boot cover (which was already snapped in place mostly so it hid this thing) and drove to work. Went to put the top back up, undid the boot cover and found this thing laying under the boot cover on top of the shelf. It was snapped into the shelf carpet behind the seats. The boot cover was snapped to this on the same spots. I took it out and it unfolds. Has velcro on one side that holds it together. Any idea what this thing is? Maby just a leather shelf cover that goes on top the carpet? Not sure why it would fold in half though if that's what it was.


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    It's a rear window protector - you sandwich your zip-out top in it to protect it from scratches.

    Or - like me - just ignore it because it's such a PITA to install each time.


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      Ah! Will be replacing the top with a non zipper, so won't even use it. Thanks for the help!


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        If you replace the top with a glass window model, then you won't need it, but if you get a vinyl window version, that piece also protects the vinyl window from UV rays. When I bought my red car, the top had never been raised in twenty years. It should have been mint, but the UV rays had left the rear window a crackled black mess on the parcel shelf when I finally raised it. The car had a hard top, and it's owner never removed it in twenty years.
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