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I didn't feel like waiting on a part soo....

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  • I didn't feel like waiting on a part soo....

    I made my own :)

    had to add a bung for the idle air control hose so I got a screw in heater hose adapter it, cut the threads off and welded it to the pipe

    Reused some of the turbo components. The 90 neck before the filter is some rubber thing I picked up at Lowe's

    Welded up a support for the MAF and painted everything OD Green :)

    Yes, it works :)

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    looks kinda restrictive...and by kinda, I mean very.

    that's some ghetto sh!t right there...guess you don't know that you can go buy "universal intake piping" from AutoZone/PepBoyz/AdvancedAuto... :dunoo:


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      I couldn't think of any way to connect the IAC valve plumbing to regular rubber piping.

      The only restrictive part is the wierd 90 degree thing but that was there in the turbo kit almost exactly where it is now. It went from the turbine inlet to the MAF.

      I'm not looking for a performance machine here:) Just something until I can get a clone of Eric's most recent motor built and strap a 2871r on it.


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        That's still a helluva restrictive elbow before the MAF, the i.d. isn't but maybe 1.5"


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          Meh. It'll run just fine :) 100Hp here I come! I just need it to run right now so I can keep miles off of the WRX (lease)


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            whatever works. What's the story on your car anyway? You bought it with a turbo or something?


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              Yeah, had an older FM kit with the GT2554R. PO didn't tell me it was losing oil through the rear main. I fixed the rear main which was apparently pushed out by all of the crankcase pressure. It was losing about a quart of oil in 750 miles out of the breather tube. I haven't torn into the old motor yet but it's either got a horribly bad crack in the head or the rings are totally shot. Car has 94K on it and the PO says the turbo kit was on for about 20K.


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                ITBs RULE!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!
                I'm using ITBs on stock internals!!
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                  i'd bet the rings.....sounds like the demise of the engine in my 99 due to letting someone else drive the car.