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  • just curious

    whose miata do you think looks the best out of the members? every one has their preference n-abc. im not looking to start a competition or anything, just wondering.
    i definately have to go with Doppelganger' is gorgeous, but im also kissing *** b/c i need that stock mirror for the low. ha
    Originally posted by VERY FLUSH
    Trust education is far surpass other people

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    I haven't seen many pics, but I did see Doppelganger's pics last night with the new side skirts, and I must say that it looks amazing as well.
    '01 SE


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      I personally think that Steven's (LagunaRoadster) car is gorgeous from every aspect. I'm really curious to see what Eric (RotorNutFD3S) does with his when it comes out of the bodyshop though.

      The there is Tbone's car, Nathan's car, and Peter who all have extensive exterior modifications.

      The compliments are well appreciated. :)


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        i wanna see tbone's but every time i click the link it doesn't go through to cardomain.

        what about that ride doppelganger? i wanna see if this boosted NB thing is worth dropping the pennies for
        Originally posted by VERY FLUSH
        Trust education is far surpass other people


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          we'll see.


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            NA - Stephen (LagunaRoadster) - Clean, simple, functional, and perfect color. And also turbo'd. Doesn't get much better than that.
            NB - Mike (Doppelgänger) - It's a mutt for sure, everyone always confuses it with an MSM, but it's put together in a very clean manner that's very pleasing to the eye. And has the power to back up it's aggressive looks.
            I also really liked Caleb's NB (for those of you who know the car I'm talking about).
            NC - Still deciding on one.

            To follow up on Mike's comment on my car, my plans are decently extensive for body work. My car used to be pretty distinctive, but I feel as if it's lost it's edge as more and more people are flaring their Miatas and running wide wheels. So, hopefully I'll be able to turn it up to 11 with what I want to do.

            Originally posted by miata5620
            Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...


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              my favorite na has always been eric's. it's not outlandish but not to subtle. its a beautiful car, and for the nb i really do like mikes 1st and mine 2nd, i just can't wait to actually get fender flares then have it all painted pure white. i feel the flares will really set my car off. love the new skirts btw mike!