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Front lip or new bumper?

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  • Front lip or new bumper?

    Here's my dilemma:
    A few weeks ago, I picked up a set of side skirts and mudflaps (not really flaps, but I dunno what else to call them....rear extensions?) for my '99. I planned on just getting the OEM lip from Rosenthal Mazda, because it's a little under $300 shipped, and comes painted. HOWEVER, I realized that the pieces I bought aren't the small skirts that I see on most early NBs. They're the bigass ones found on later cars. They look like this:

    So my question is: will the small OEM lip look alright? Or will it look puny compared to the skirts? And if so, what lip or bumper would look good? Take in mind I'm a poor student so I can't drop a lot of $$$$ on some crazy JDM bumper. Also, I really hate fiberglass, but I'm willing to use it if it's a decent piece. Finally, there is a small hole punched in the front of my bumper (about the size of a half-dollar), so I could theoretically justify replacing the whole bumper. I would prefer to keep my bumper reinforcement though.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    You're considering the front lip that looks like this, right?

    I think that would look ok, but the rear of the front lip and the front of the side skirts won't match up at all. But on your car since it's dark and you have black wheels, a GV lip wouldn't be a bad choice either.

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      Yeah, that's the lip I was considering. The GV one seems to be the best option at this point. Know of a better pic than this?

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        I went straight to the source and ganked this pic from JDMland:

        1991 UK-spec MX-5 - <<< METAL!


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          A Bomex bumper wouldn't look so bad with the large sills...and they're not very expensive (or you can get the knock off from eGay..i think it goes by the nickname "bomber" or something like that). You'd def. be different from most other NBs. On a dark colored car, they look nice...especially with a grill full of intercooler.

          Or go over to google shopping or ebay and type in Miata Magnum kit and you'll find a knock off of the Mazdaspeed kit for the 99-00, the front piece is a medium sized lip that will flow well with the large sills and isn't too aggressive looking (like changing the front bumper would be). There are some very good pictures over on ClubRoadster in the exterior section in a thread "best looking NBs" , on page 4 or 5 there is a silver NB with the 99-00 Mazdaspeed (Magnum) front lip.

          Also, there is a thread specifically posting pictures of large side skirts and oem/GV lips...somewhere in the exterior section.
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            Awesome! Thanks for all the info. I found a good thread with some pics of the big skirts on NB1s:

            OEM (w/splitter)

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              the red miata with the volk wheels looks beautiful.
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                Also, that "Magnum" kit is made by VIS...and they list the front lip for only $182 (plus $75 shipping :( ) on their site! That might be the keeper right there. I think of all three options (GV, OEM, VIS), the VIS one's lines match up with the large skirts the best. Thanks again for the info.

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