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Temporarily Closing Registrations - Dealing with Spam

I've had to temporarily turn off new registrations as the spam problem is ridiculous. I've opened a ticket with vbulletin asking for some more support as this is a cloud hosted service by them now.

There will be a mass deletion of all spam posts soon - again a feature that vbulletin decided to turn off in their wisdom.

Hopefully we'll be back up and running soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Timing Belt

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  • Timing Belt

    Typically these get changed at about 100k or 10 years don't they? I think mine may still be the original belt with 62k on it (1996). How hard are they to change on these motors?

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    Not hard to change. Typically people do the cam seals, water pump, tensioners (if needed), and front crank seal when doing TB. I dont change them under 100k.
    Info here:
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      How about when the'ers say that rubber still ages without use? I would have thought it may age but a hell of a lot slower.


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        When I took mine off when the engine went, it looked just like the brand new one I bought to replace it. That was at ~90k miles.

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          Cool, not gonna do it for a while then!


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            Originally posted by View Post
            How about when the'ers say that rubber still ages without use?
            It is possible for a belt to 'rot' from lack of use, especially in some climates. But on a locally driven Miata I dont worry about it. The only one I had break from lack of use had 150k miles on it.


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              I Know im new and all but Ive changed mine four time and I can do the whole deal in about 3.5 hrsIf you need help just say Please.
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